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We are committed to dedicate all of our professional and academic activities for the realization of Indonesian society, able to stand up straight in line with other nations, and God.

Our First responsibility is to the college students. They are entitled to obtain the highest quality educational services that can be offered in Indonesia. They must obtain an  opportunity to get a good academic ambience, all facilities, and social environment on campus in order to develop their quality optimally as human being and proscpective professional accountant.

Our next responsibility is to the faculty. Each lecturer duly facilitated to develop their academic quality to obtain a doctorate and professorship. Each teaching, research, and community service with a competitive advantage in Indonesia and can be attained international recognition in their fields of expertise.


The participation of alumni is an important foundation of the progress of FEB UNPAD Accounting Study Program. Our responsibility to alumni is to provide wide opportunities for alumni to contribute to the academic process on campus, helping them to optimally perform their social roles in the workplace and in the community so as to effectively reach the peak of careers and gain social recognition and respect in the community . The alumni are also entitled to obtain a communication channel in conveying criticism and input for the progress of the study program.

Our next responsibility is to companies and organizations that are our partner of cooperation and or as the stakeholders that absorb our graduates to work and have a career in place. They should get quality assurance from our graduates. They are entitled to be given wide opportunities in investing in our human resources together in the academic process in the Study Program on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, delivering career opportunities in place and sharing their organizational experience. When asked, we also would provide alternative solutions academically and professionally to the problems they face in the internal organization.

Our most important responsibility is to the people of Indonesia. We are committed to actively participating in solving chronic problems of corruption, misgovernance, poverty and social injustice. Our commitment is actualized in the determination of graduate competency standards, curriculum strategies, learning methods, and our research activities. Through the gait of our lecturers and students in professional organizations, we also intend to foster community welfare and climate egalitarian by developing accountant profession and their work in society. In summary, our responsibility to the community is not to add a problem, but to give and be part of the solution.

In order to fulfill our above responsibilities, we will make continuous improvement of internal processes which include: 1.Quality of input in the selection process of students and lecturers, 2.Development of curriculum and learning methods and 3. Quality academic atmosphere.

The three identities we orientate to our identity are:


Competent, objective, professional integrity, and highly social, as well as in favor of the public interest.


Innovative at any time,  active initiative, optimistic spirit, and as a role model.


Spirit of giving and sharing, humility, balance of life and religion.