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Dear Students,

Since a long time ago it has been a dream of thousand of Indonesian young people to be a part of civitas-academica  at the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Padjadjaran. Unfortunately only a very small number can reach their dream. I sincerely would like to congratulate you to be chosen from among the thousands to join crème de la crème.


Accounting study program at FEB Unpad has been keeping its reputation in the eyes of its user as school of the best accountant in the country. In line with our mission to be internationally recognizes, we consistently conducting study process to produces graduates who compete beyond national market. We have collaborations with reputable universities worldwide hence making our curriculum and learning process is equally recognized by university partner. We are persistent to make our graduates perceptive with ASEAN Economic Community and beyond.

For the national human resources market our graduates proudly assigned at the Big Four, Multinational Companies and major reputable local companies, as well as in public sector such as DJP, BI, OJK, MOF, BPK and many others. Most of them are now at the top level in the companies. Many of them also embracing international markets.

Finally, I would like to welcome you all to enjoy your fascinating studies with us, have a great wonderful study experience, show your full commitment, and wishing you have a big success in every step of your study while still having fun in our L(Lamda) E(Epsilon) A(Alpha) D(Delta).. LEAD campus, a place to train you all to be the future leader.