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In 2010, Quality Assurance Unit Unpad released 4 books which is integrated as quality assurance, they are:

1. Unpad Quality Assurance Guidance
This book is a manual procedures consists of guidance for faculty and study program in implementing academic quality assurance system. This guidance is embedded with mutual academic.

2. Unpad Academic Policy
Unpad academic policy is an academic document that serves as a guide for policy makers in planning and implementation of education, research and community service, in order to improve academic quality in a sustainable manner. As a reference in the preparation of academic policy is used various laws and regulations related to the implementation of Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

3. Unpad Academic Standard
This book is intended to spur Unpad to improve its performance in providing quality services and as a tool to encourage the realization of transparency and public accountability in the implementation of its main tasks. These academic standards include vision and mission, governance and leadership, student affairs, graduates, human resources, learning, research, community service.

Quality Assurance Policy

The development of a consistently and systematically implemented curriculum is a fundamental requirement for improving and ensuring the quality of teaching in the Accounting Study Program. The various studies related to the development of curriculum are also related to the evaluation of the effectiveness and conformity with the development of Accounting studies both academically and empirically with regard to the national curriculum for
Ensuring wider quality and level of competence.

Quality assurance process undertaken by Accounting Study Program through two activities, namely: external quality assurance (accreditation and evaluation of self-evaluation based courses / EPSBED conducted by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN PT) and Directorate General of Higher Education.

Based on the results of accreditation in 2011 Accounting Study Program has obtained Predicate A. While internal quality assurance is done by quality assurance unit Accounting Study Program independently to maintain and improve the quality of higher education is reflected by the quality of graduates in a sustainable manner.

Internal quality assurance starts from the leaders, lecturers, and education personnel who become elements in the guarantee process. Quality assurance process in the Accounting Study Program is closely related to the quality of graduates because it will menenetukan level of understanding and mastery of science of each graduate. The quality assurance system in the implementation of PBM in the Accounting Study Program is based on the policy of the Faculty (Dean) leadership that is built integrated into the quality assurance system (SPM) of Faculty of Economics and Business UNPAD.